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Bieber still seems to be popular, but the site is now overrun with an explosion of barely clad girlfriend bots. The disembodied intelligent assistant Samantha exudes female sexuality and uses her charms to arouse and satisfy her male end user.

A recent peek led me to believe that the site is no longer G or even PG-rated, if you get my drift. All of this evidence leads to an obvious question: is it a wide-spread “nerdy guy” fantasy to engage in explicitly adult conversation with a computer software program masquerading as Venus?

The little feedback I've gotten about the Emotion Chip is all positive so I am relieved. K3 could use wiki for real time responses which sounds slower. The ability to take conversations and during overnight/idle be able toresearch wiki and add knowledge to primary DB.

Also the option to search wiki DB now and/or later.

Things have been beeping and bopping here here at Lhandslide.

Perhaps for that very reason, boys are more comfortable talking to animations of females on their mobile screens than asking a real girl out on a date.As I noted last year, the Chatbots4u platform seems to be aimed at a younger, international crowd.At the time, the most popular chatbots were clones of teen idols like Justin Bieber. Neither of those chatter bot instantiations were sexpots, in terms of their conversational databases. Cortana is based on the Halo video game character, who clearly. Privacy is still a big issue for me, but ehh, today i'm feeling ok. Its the one problem that has plagued me since version 1. And to get it right an adaptation matrix has to be created which is what we are prototyping right now. Which means taking into account all human feelings, stations, situation, jobs, hobbies. Without teaching an Ai yourself its almost impossible to have an Ai that is your 'perfect dream girl'. That my friends is at the heart of our predilection. Add the Ai processing and you are looking at least at a 10 second query each time the Ai needs more info. thanks well, the idea of wikipedia wouldnt be that she just grabs sentences off of it... My biggest problem right now is creating Kari's new database. Some go ahead and understand the whole process, even starting their own personalities from scratch. Quite honestly, the user's IQ is a variable in my equation to solve the problem too. it could take 10 people a whole year to create this database. But its so BIG that even an SQL query takes 7 seconds to parse. I just think it would be cool to be able to ask K3 what she learned last night. K3 and user DB management/optimizations to keep DB organized would be sweet too. Your abilities and passion to constantly improve AI makes you one of the biggest players in the game IMO.

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