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Gathered a battering ram and took it with me with a friend.Got into the complex and parked in front of the apartment.If this is done on an Anyone Can Die show, expect the character to be Killed Off for Real (usually).

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I don’t want anyone to feel like it was their fault. My story the love of my life ex is recently engaged, and well it just killed me all over again. My car blew up yesterday and probably has a cracked head. I think I mentioned I started working out recently.

I'm depressed most of the time, so you know what I do to fill the hole in my heart? When people come over they ask why haven't I played these games, watched these movies, read these books. But in reality, it's because I don't even want them, I buy the items for the moments of joy I get by having them, not for the items themselves, and that's honestly the only part in my life I look forward to, because I can imagine that someone cares.563042217Holy fuck man that pic.

I remember when 'her' and I first started dating.

Just knowing you're here will always help me through the tough times. And thank you man, glad to talk to you tonight, last few nights I believe I showed up too late, didn't see any feels/baw threads.

And yeah one day we'll win this war..the battles between then and now are gonna be tough.563041573Story of my life bro... Regardless of who the her is because I long for someone willing to do the same.

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