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You’re scared to death of doing it wrong and ending up wasting hours of your time (that you don’t have) “engaging” people without actually profiting from it. You might believe that you should set up an online community so you can “engage” your audience…cause…engagement is good engagement right? All engagement is NOT created equal and if you dive into building an online community with the goal of “engaging” your peeps…then just stop right here. Or if you like, grab a fist full of cash, light it on fire and stand there for a month. He’s a ) will help you put a down payment on your house.

You may as well burn your money and waste your time because that’s exactly what you’re about to do. You’re a smart, talented, and all-around awesome entrepreneur. Soon after joining ZTL, I signed up for his Accelerator program (personalized coaching and an exclusive community) with the intention of starting my own online business.

I could set this up on Friday afternoon and be making bank by Monday”., and whip up an image for your free Facebook group cover photo. You step back for a moment and look at how much time you’re spending on your community. I’m getting ahead of myself though, but I just really wanted to punch that mistake in the face. Now that we’ve got that clear, it’s time to approach online communities with a love child. Empathy You see…with only empathy and emotions, you don’t serve your needs as a business. You need to create a plan and a strategy that drives your #1 business goal. My marriage is better, I lost 15 pounds during one of IWT’s beta programs, I’m a better mom, daughter and sister and I’m just happier!

It’s a bit fuzzy but your people won’t care, they’re gonna be so “engaged” with each other and digging in their wallets for their credit cards that they won’t even notice. No one has introduced themselves and one person posted “What exactly are we doing here? Maybe you could write this on a post-it and park it by your computer or your porcelain throne. On the other hand…if you are only strategic, you don’t serve the human needs of your members. In this guide, I’ll be taking you up, waaaaay up, to give you a high-level, bird’s eye view of what it takes to build a profitable online community from scratch. Chapter 10 — What you’ve learned and what comes next? I wanted to create THE best resource online on creating online communities for your business. I honestly don’t want to slap something up and try to make it work. Not to mention that the thought of hearing crickets in your digital living room is kinda like watching the Blair Witch Project. From 2015 to present, I have had the honour and privilege of not only working with some of the most ambitious, caring, and lovely students in these communities, but I also have worked with two of the most strategic, supportive and all around shiny human beings I’ve ever met.

This toxic environment propagated by the media and culture did not reflect what she saw around the Northwest.“Looking around in Portland, the girls that I knew I thought were some of the most beautiful girls in the world, and I thought that they should be celebrated for being such,” Suicide said.

“They had so much to share with their personality.”Upon Suicide Girl’s launch, several area women began submitting their stories and photos.

, an online community in 2001 began inviting alternative women to share their stories and photos.

Some doubters quickly denounced the idea: “No one is going to want to put their thoughts and feelings online.”Women were forced to choose between two restrictive and blonde types of beautiful: stick-thin Kate Moss or silicone-enhanced, buxom Pamela Anderson, Suicide said.

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Sauls-Addison was originally — and, perhaps, understandably — skeptical, but after auditions produced 25 talented girls, the number was completed to Suicide’s remarkable approval.

It’s my mission to show you exactly how to set up a community that creates profit driving assets and relationships, at the right time and stage of your business, with the right strategy for you, your industry and your business. He showed me exactly how to make this guide exceptional and I am beyond grateful for his insights, and support. I wouldn’t blame you because his accomplishments are off the charts.

I know this all sounds fascinating and you’re about to scroll down to check out the goods but maybe I should introduce myself first. He is the founder of and in my world he is a wizard…of copy and well…pretty much everything.

During their initial tour, the girls opened for everyone from Guns N’ Roses to Courtney Love.

After a long hiatus, Suicide has brought back the popular performance.

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