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And the anonymity of technology can also make it easier for people to bully others online.A quarter of teenagers say they have been bullied either by text or on the Internet.That number only increases as children age, with 95% of teens 12-17 spending time online.The time spent with technology doesn’t just give kids newfangled ways of doing things, it changes the way their brains work.One expert explained that with less physical contact, children might have difficulty developing social skills and emotional reactions.Improper use of technology can expose a child to numerous risks.

Not only are they big, round and juicy, but slippery too!Children who use technology may unwittingly share information that can put them in danger.In 82% of online sex crimes against children, the sex offenders used social networking sites to get information about the victim’s preferences.To make the best out of tools of technology, teachers and parents must also recognize their downsides and how to avoid them. An article in Psychology Today says that the use of technology can alter the actual wiring of the brain.More than a third of children under the age of two use mobile media.

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