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But once again, Boquist’s solution is to punish people who have done nothing wrong and offer no help to people who actually need it. Eldridge along with multiple other cases have established a due process requirement time line less than are contained in this suicide prevention bill. But to promote attacks on your rights, simply because you believe a court somewhere approved is a complete abdication of your role as a guardian of liberties.

Note, SB 719 a committee bill, passed the Oregon State Senate nearly three months ago, not last week. Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees in DC v. As a supposedly devote Catholic, Boquist claims to oppose abortion, but why should he? For the public record, ex parte, due process, and militia clause elements of SB 719, and SB 868 originally, were improved & narrowed based on written suggestions by the National Rifle Association along with others.

The Connecticut law, while certainly flawed and ripe for abuse, has several important safeguards that Boquist’s bill intentionally stripped out.Likely, it will only impact less than a few hundred Oregonians a year. As we have pointed out over and over, the bill allows for gun confiscation for people who have done nothing more than purchase a firearm in the last six months, have ever had a DUI, or use marijuana products.Boquist knows this and no amount of lying about it is going to change the law. Clearly if you oppose unconstitutional attacks on your rights, you are “blind.” Yes. It costs money to fight the attacks on our liberties that Boquist gets to make with your money taken from you involuntarily.They are identifying themselves from OFF and the NRA.But be damn careful what your members say to my wife as I will not tolerate threats to her.

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