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then adjust the server config to point to the socket instead of the tcp ...I have the same problem as @shgn Inc, I've got 4 sites, the first 3 run on 9000 - 9002, but the 4th site is configured in the nginx and php-fpm conf files to use port 9003, and I've restarted both services but I see nothing for Yes, I had the similar problem when trying to launch the Silex application.Turns out I was having the problem due to incorrect permissions on socket file.If you are having the problem due to a permission problem, you can uncomment the following lines from: /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/If you're on Ubuntu, and all of the above has failed you, App Armor is most likely to blame.Documentation suggests to configure vhost with path "/var/run/php-fpm/ but in my php-fpm configuration it was set to listen "/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", so I had to also put the same value for the vhost configuration. If there is not an Iptables Rule to open the port serving the fcgi script you will receive a 502 error.The Iptables Rule which opens the correct port must be listed ...along with running problematic requests on the server to see if your memory doesn't run out.That's a bad idea because you lose protection from a whole lot of software.

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