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One of the first programs created within the new concept was "Moscow: Instructions for the Proper Use", which replaced "Today’s Day".In general, the priority areas of the TNT were "reality shows" and a variety of alternative entertainment programs.I must admit that as a host she was completely inexperienced.

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The TNT signal is then received and further redistributed by the local network stations broadcasting to most of the big cities as well as 5,900 smaller communities of the Russian Federation.Inspired by the first success, the channel's creators ordered another video series called "The National Security Agent" about the adventures of the FSB agent.Its first season started on January 1, 1999, the series attracted the attention of the audience, but failed to repeat the resounding success of the "Cops".invited by the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding Igor Malashenko, who, together with his deputy Pavel Korchagin, and the rest of the team, a year before managed to launch the first Russian non-state television network - STS.The new channel was also initially founded as a network, focusing primarily on the interests of the regional viewers.

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