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It has also come to light that some of the entries in the index of the Archives are inaccurate.

Emperor Friedrich II appointed Comte Amede IV as Imperial Vicar in northern Italy, and also created him Duke of Chablais and Aosta, although this title lapsed after Amede IV died in 1253.The Savoy family's fortunes were favoured by the marriage in 1066 of Odon's daughter Berthe to Heinrich IV King of Germany.The family lost control of much of the territories of the marquisate after the death in 1091 of Marchesa Adelaida.Humbert IIs son Comte Amede III recovered the county of Turin, although his own son Comte Humbert III was banished and his lands confiscated after he quarelled with Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa".A settlement between the county of Savoy and the emperor was brokered by Guglielmo V Marchese di Monferrato, who acted as regent for the minor Comte Thomas I after the death of Humbert III.

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