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What you may not know is that your shorter tail keywords could be stealing away impressions from your longer-more-specific-tail keywords.

Usually, this happens because Ad Words doesn’t know how to correlate the search term to your long-tail keyword because of the match types you’ve chosen. You don’t want your newly-created SKAGs to go to waste, right?

As you continue to do this over time, your Quality Scores, click-through rates and average ad positions will start going up because you’re granulating and improving relevancy.

Now that you’ve done your part on the Ad Words side, it’s time to start capturing the traffic on your landing pages. Well, luckily, you may never have to go through that.

When that happens, your search term report starts looking like this: To make this (almost ludicrous) level of granularity happen, you’ll need to start adding ad group level negative keywords (not campaign or account level negative keywords) when there’s a discrepancy between keyword and search term.

This will then prevent your short tail keywords stealing away impressions from the longer tail ones.

This will also have a positive impact on your landing page Quality Scores as Google sees that your page is very relevant to the keyword you’re bidding on.

With dynamic keyword insertion in place, your PPC funnel could essentially look like this: This trifecta of strategies will make ads more relevant to your leads and will result in increased conversions. SKAGs, ad group level negative keywords and dynamic keyword insertion work together to improve the relevancy of the ads seen by your visitors and give visitors a consistent experience.

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So there you have it: a brand new way to structure your Ad Words account. Do you think this will help with your PPC performance? He’s been interviewed by Google and has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Tanner. To do this, you’ll want to be at the keyword level view within your Ad Words account and click on the “Details” button and then “Keyword diagnosis.” Sometimes you’ll find that negative keywords, bids that are too low or internal competition are preventing certain keywords from triggering corresponding ads.No matter the source of the problem, identifying the issue gives you the information you need to optimize your ads and make them hyper-relevant.With PPC, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what you don’t know.Inside your Ad Words account, you most likely have short tail and long tail versions of different keywords.

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