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In "The Rye", during a particularly trying time for Elaine, she angrily tells Jerry, "You know, one of these days, something terrible is going to happen to you. " Jerry simply replies, "No, I'm going to be just fine." Many of the problems he does run into are the result of the actions of his nemesis Newman, a disgruntled postal worker.

In "The Old Man", George asks "What kind of a person are you?

Like George, Jerry's hairstyle remains relatively the same throughout the series, though the length and thickness of it alters, especially from Season 3 onwards.

There is one noticeable episode in which Jerry receives a bad haircut when he reluctantly agrees to get his hair done by an incompetent Italian barber in "The Barber".

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Jerry appeared in all 180 episodes of Seinfeld (including several two-part episodes), the only character in the show to appear in every episode.An eternal optimist, he rarely runs into major personal problems.Jerry is the only main character on the show to maintain the same career (a stand-up comedian, like the real Seinfeld) throughout the series.He is the most observational character, sarcastically commenting on his friends' quirky habits.Much of the show's action takes place in Jerry's apartment located at 129 West 81st Street, apartment 5A.

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