Automatik kilombo online dating

They say that blondies are dumber than blacks and brunettes, and that everything tastes better with a spoon of Vegeta. As long as there are more sheep, there won't be a lack of wool.

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1 @ 8pm Zooanzoo / Alcohol / single – Strange Matter, Jan.

2013 "They Say They say that Bosnia is a country just for your relatives, and that we're top on the list for ""brain drain"". They say, don't drink water if you're hot, here the draft is killing us, we've been playing good but a referee has fucked us.

They say, Iran again is making nuclear bombs, a bubble gum cleans the teeth but it pulls out the fillings. They say that alcohol is healthier than marijuana, they say if you don't have a stance, they put you one instantly.

31 @ 8pm (w/ Dazeases, backwards Haus, Afrocat, Heja Rames, Yoki, Alfred) Dizzyride / Metallic Touch / Dizzyride – Gallery 5, Jan.

29 @ 7pm (w/ Sha Shakusky, Ya Ya, Lokomoko) Lokomoko / I Came As A Friend / single Dream Wave / Missing Home / Missing Home – Strange Matter, Jan.

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